Fee Schedule

Beginning July 1, 2018, I am making several changes to my fee structure.

I am making these changes after seeking advice from many other organizers and business coaches, considering my overhead costs (insurance, licenses, continuing education, taxes, marketing) and reflecting on the time spent delivering donations, shopping for organizing supplies, and designing organizing solutions.

The changes in fee structure include the following:

  • My hourly rate will increase from $40 per hour to $50 per hour.
  • Any session booked before July 1 will reflect the $40 per hour rate, even if the session occurs after July 1.
  • I will no longer offer prepaid packages of hours with a discount.
  • Payment will be made at the end of each session with cash, check, PayPal, or credit card. If this is not convenient, clients can choose to be invoiced at the end of each session using PayPal.
  • If you have already purchased hours of organizing services, these hours will still be honored at the rate when purchased. If the hours have not been used within two years of the purchase date, those hours will expire.
  • Previously I have not been charging for the initial Assessment Visit. Beginning July 1, 2018, I will charge my hourly rate of $50 for this one hour visit. If an organizing session is booked after that consult, the first hour of the session will be free.
  • Previously I have not been charging for delivery of donations, shopping time, or design time. Beginning July 1, 2018, I will begin charging for these services at half of my $50 rate ($25 per hour) based on the amount of time involved.

If you have any question about these changes, please feel free to contact me any time.