Past Projects

 Sharon, a Nurse Practitioner

After a home renovation, it’s sometimes difficult to decide the best way to set things up in a new space. Sharon and her husband had hired someone to remodel their master bathroom. Now that the work was completed, she needed some help deciding how to best arrange all of the small appliances, toiletries, and makeup. We decided to work on this project virtually. To see more photos and a description of the organizing process, click here.

Marilyn, a Social Worker & Mother

Marilyn had spent a lot of time decluttering her home and was ready for a garage sale. She had a great location, lots of items to sell, plenty of tables and other supplies. What she didn’t have was time to sort all of the items and display them. Laurie came to the rescue and did a phenomenal job of getting Marilyn ready for the garage sale. Click here to see more photos and details of this organizing project.

Kellie, a Fitness Fanatic

Going to the gym to teach and take group exercise classes is a huge part of this client’s life. When the COVID pandemic forced gyms to close, she and her adult children now temporarily living at home all needed space at home to exercise. Since onsite organizing sessions weren’t possible, we scheduled a virtual organizing session to help her transform a space where she had stored supplies for outdoor activities into a new exercise area. Click here to find out more about how virtual organizing worked for completing this project.

Rebecca, a Remote Worker

The transformations that this client made with my help and on her own with her mother’s help are truly impressive. Her living room went from a stressful space to avoid back to a peaceful hangout area to enjoy. The work on her kitchen, although we were only able to work on one small space is also noteworthy. I hope to see the completed kitchen soon! Click here for more pictures and details from this project.

Ally, a Home School Mom

When you’re home schooling multiple children, you need a lot of supplies. And if routines aren’t established to keep those supplies in order, it doesn’t take long for them to get into a chaotic and overwhelming state. Add to that a small space for storing all of the supplies, and you’ve got an even greater need to keep things organized. With the help of my client and her children, we accomplished a great transformation. They can now easily find what they need for school. Click here for more details and photos.

J & J, New Tri-Cities Residents

This couple had moved to the area 3 years ago. They got all of the essentials unpacked quickly, but there were still a lot of unpacked boxes in the attic that needed attention. It was time to turn this attic from a cluttered, stress-inducing space into an efficient and welcoming storage space. With shelving, bins, and focused sorting, we accomplished this goal in two half day sessions. This was a great transformation from cluttered to shipshape. Click here for more details and pictures.

Allison, a Young Professional 

It’s amazing how much difference just a few organizational touches can make in a small space. This client needed simple solutions for a handful of problem areas in the kitchen. These photos represent a subset of the work that was done that most clearly demonstrate the difference that can be made by grouping items and adding a few inexpensive organizing products.

In the cabinet with paper products and entertaining items, grouping like with like, adding a few baskets, and labeling makes the space look much neater and allows items to be easily located.  In the cabinet with the dishes, the addition of two helper shelves allows more dishes to be stored in the cabinet with minimal stacking. Simple solutions can really make an area shipshape!

Entertaining Items Before and After

Dishes Before and After

Rose, a Retiree and Full-time Nana

Having worked with this wonderful client before, I was happy to return to work on a different area. The kitchen was fairly well organized overall, but a few spaces needed some work. With a very small kitchen such as this one, using space effectively becomes even more of an issue. Over the years, some of the shelving had suffered wear and tear, and there were some items not being used anymore. In some instances, dishes used frequently were too difficult to reach. A small kitchen renovation was planned soon, so it was essential to know how much space was needed for each category of items. This was perfect timing for some fresh ideas and a little reorganization. One day of organizing  was all it took to transform this kitchen from a frustration to a space she loves. Click here for more photos and details about this project.

Colonial Heights Branch of the Sullivan County Public Library

As a longtime patron of this library and an avid reader, when I found out about the need for some organizing help, I jumped at the chance. Though the library had a reasonable amount of storage space, it wasn’t being used as well as it could be. Over the years, items had been added but very little had been removed. The resulting clutter made some of the storage spaces difficult to navigate. As a result, boxes of books and other supplies had begun to accumulate on the floors of the storage areas and even out into the public spaces. With a minimal staff, a very busy schedule of programs, and heavy patron use, there wasn’t much free time to alleviate the problem. Click here for more pictures and details.

Sarah, a Business Owner

It was almost time for Friendsgiving, and the pantry was not looking good. Friendsgiving is an annual event where this client’s family invites about 50 of their friends to join them in an early Thanksgiving celebration. Knowing that the condition of the pantry would greatly affect the success of this important event, this client called Laurie and I to come to the rescue. For more photos and details, click here.

Sandy, an Administrative Assistant

This is one for the record books. What began as a crazy idea over a year ago inspired by a conversation with other organizers at a convention in Dallas turned into a partnership project with an amazing company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Deb Browning, Jody Cowart, and Adam Gray at Workspace Interiors to help this client transform her space.

Sandy Vowell with Hillhouse Creative took a big step of faith in entering our Messiest Desk in the Chamber contest. She was courageous enough to admit that she needed help, risk vulnerability in exposing her messy desk, and to trust us all to help her make a change. I’m so grateful that she took that step and that we were able to work together. I truly believe that her daily work life will be forever changed as a result. Although it’s unreasonable to assume some disorder won’t creep back in despite best intentions, I am confident that Sandy has the tools she needs to recover quickly.

Click here for more details and photos from this transformation.

Messy Desk (1)

Rachel, an Attorney

Nothing can prioritize the need to get organized like putting your house on the market. This client contacted me for some help in making her home show-ready. She and her husband had decided that the timing was right to make a move, and they were anxious to list their home as soon as possible. Decluttering and organizing were high on the list of priorities. But as a working mother with two young children, this was a task she wouldn’t have time to do, nor would she have time to work alongside me in accomplishing it. Since Laurie and I would be working without the client at the house with us, we had to make sure we understood exactly what she wanted us to do. Many more photos of this project available here.


Erin, a Hair Stylist

This client lives in a large home with extended family members of all ages. Since multiple adults and children share all the spaces, establishing and maintaining order is especially difficult. The combined pantry, laundry room, and storage area was the area that was bothering her the most and interfering with the smooth functioning of the household, so we decided to work on that room first. For more details and photos of this transformation, click here.

Welch before_after (1)

Marie, a Media Specialist

Finding time to organize with the pace of a school day schedule is difficult. Add to that the challenge of a very limited budget for new supplies and a long list of tasks to accomplish during the summer break, and you’ve got a perfect situation for a professional organizer to step in to help. I really enjoyed working with this middle school media specialist to make her office more organized and efficient for the upcoming school year.  For more details and pictures, click here.

Brown office.jpg

Amy, a Homeschool Mother

Even the most organized person can struggle during some life stages. Amy had always been able to keep her home organized before, but taking care of and homeschooling multiple young children with multiple activities left her with no free time to organize. The basement was a perfect space for storage and for the children to play and to practice their sporting activities. But over the last few years, it had become a dumping ground, and the job was too big for her to do on her own. Click here to see what we were able to accomplish while working with this highly motivated and hardworking client.

Long basement.jpg

Shirley, a Grandmother

I met this client when I gave an organizing presentation to a group of which she is a member. As an elderly widow, her physical limitations prevented her from doing some organizing projects she wanted to do. We worked together to declutter several areas of her home, including her office and a garage. You can read more details and view more photos on this page.

Cecconi before:after.jpg

Sarah, an Artist

I couldn’t wait to finish this garage that this client and I had started months ago. Now that additional shelving had been added, we were ready to get this completed! Through consolidating bin contents and better utilizing space, we could clear much-needed floor space. Click here to see more pictures from this transformation.


Sharon, a Social Worker

When this client asked me to come back to organize the closet we had discussed during our last session, I was eager to get started. I remembered that this closet had become a catch all area, and that she wanted to declutter so that she could use it to store her craft supplies. Armed with a clear goal, a block of time, and helpful family members, we dove in! For more pictures and a description of our session, click here.

Craft closet

Allison, a Lawyer

If I had to pick a favorite space to organize, it would probably be the kitchen, and specifically the pantry. So I was thrilled to be contacted by this client whose pantry had become a source of frustration. Although the space is fairly large, it didn’t seem adequate for storing what she needed. She had made several attempts to organize it, but maintaining it proved elusive. On top of that, it had become the family’s favorite catch all space for anything that didn’t have an obvious home. By the time she called me, she was ready for help and new ideas to solve this problem area. For more photos of this dramatic transformation, click here.


Michelle, a Therapist

This client bid on and won 3 free hours of organizing as a Silent Auction fundraiser and was eager to make some changes in her home. We started by spending some time talking about overall goals and looking around the house. She asked for my suggestion as to what would be the most efficient use of the 3 hours. Although there were several areas that definitely needed to be decluttered and organized, I knew that the biggest payback would come from spending time organizing in the most frequently used rooms in the house. Click here to see more details for how we made this kitchen more efficient and less cluttered.


Josephine, a Retired Engineer

This client’s son wanted to help his mother with a cross-country move. He asked the movers whether they could help her unpack the boxes once they moved them to the new home. While the movers were willing to unpack items from the boxes, this service didn’t include placing items where the client wanted them in the new home. After finding my website with a Google search, he contacted me to see if I could help. Click here to read more details about this unpacking project.

Jo kitchen

Erin, a Telecommuter and Mother

This client, a wife and working mother of two young children, contacted me for some organizing help. Finding extra time to organize during this busy life season had proved very difficult for her. One of the areas that was particularly in need of organizing was the playroom. Click here to read more details and see more pictures of this playroom transformation.

West playroomDenise, a Community Volunteer

For this project, organizing was a surprise Christmas gift! This client’s husband likes to keep their home extremely organized.  It was easy to see evidence of this all around the house. But there was one area that continued to present a challenge to keeping immaculate order. The master bedroom closet and armoires that stored clothing needed improvement in order to more effectively utilize the relatively small space. The client and I orchestrated this project secretly, and her husband was thrilled with the results. It was so much fun to be a part of this surprise! Click here for more details and pictures.

burdine closet

A Local Church

Whether we’re talking about a home or a church, any time a group of people occupies the same building for many years, items will accumulate and disorder will result. With multiple ministries in the community and abroad, taking the time to organize is often difficult. This project was unique in that I worked alongside church volunteers as well as church staff. To see more details of what we accomplished, click here.


Girls Inc., a Local Nonprofit Organization

This organizing project is definitely one of my very favorite! For this unique opportunity, I was fortunate to work with Jacqueline Byers, a Dobyns Bennett High School student and Girl Scout who used this project to earn her Girl Scout Gold Star Award. Together with Jacqueline’s family and several Girls Inc. staff members, we were able to transform this library into an organized and inviting space. Click this link to see photos of each step of the process, along with an explanation of each organizing stage.


Sarah, a Business Owner and Working Mother

A busy schedule often contributes to disorganization, and this client’s schedule stays very busy because she wears many hats. She is a wife and mother of three school aged boys who are active in many activities. She and her husband are business owners. And she is a talented artist who is often asked to produce works of art for community events. The garage was the area that was bothering her most because the disorder was making it very difficult for the boys to enjoy playing in the driveway and yard. Click here to see more details of this transformation.

Mabe garage

Sharon, a Self-Proclaimed Packrat

This client purchased a 3 hour organizing session at a Silent Auction fundraiser.  When we spoke before the session, she called herself a packrat and readily admitted that both she and her husband are procrastinators. She said that she is usually successful at getting specific areas in order, but maintaining the order is difficult for her. She was eager to get her pantry back into order because it is stressful for her when she can’t find things. Click here for a description of how we got this pantry back in shape.

Cooper pantry

Allison, a Speech Pathologist

This client, a young professional, felt like most of her home was pretty organized, but there was one area that consistently gave her trouble. The guest room closet was the storage spot for photos, greeting cards, mementos, decor items, and office supplies. Lately, it had become a catch-all area where she would place anything that didn’t have an established location in her home. Allison won a bid at a silent auction for my services and was anxious to get started. Her goal for the closet was for the closet to look neat and to have enough space in the closet for guests to keep their suitcase and a few hanging clothes. For more details and pictures, click here.

Johnson before:after

Ashley, a Financial Forecaster and Mom

This client and her husband had recently had their basement finished and floored, and they wanted to set up a portion of it as a craft room. The room needed to be set up in a way that allowed quick access to craft supplies, restricted access to any supplies that could be dangerous for young children, and easy clean-up. We wanted to make this the perfect space for the children to create projects. Click here for more details.

Craft roomKay, a Systems Analyst

Although this client is a generally organized person, her garage really needed some work. In one 3 hour session, we were able to work together to transform this space so that her family could park cars on both sides and find what she needs quickly.  Click here for more pictures and details of how we approached this project.

Dapilah before:after

Suzanne, a Homeschool Mom

As a homeschool mother of two young children, Suzanne doesn’t have much time to devote to organizing. The laundry room was an easy choice to begin with as it is utilized frequently and would be a fairly quick project to tackle. The goal was for the area to be used for laundry items and as surplus storage of food, paper products, cleaning products, and tools. For more details and pictures of this project, click here.


A Local Nonprofit Group

This nonprofit group’s storage area had become disorganized over the years and they had lost track of what they owned that could be used and what needed to be disposed of or donated. Since this is exactly the kind of project I love to do, I was happy to volunteer. To read more details about this project, click here.

Girl Scouts.jpg

Becky, A Retired Teacher

When I started working with this client, she was overwhelmed with the decluttering and organizing that needed to be done in multiple areas of her home. Once we made a plan and started working, she was so motivated that progress went quickly. Click here to see more pictures from this organizing project.

Sewing room closet (1)

Elizabeth, A Working Mom

This client and her family had recently moved into their new home. Her busy schedule of work and taking care of children hadn’t left her much free time to organize. Although her pantry was somewhat organized, she knew it needed some more work to make it more efficient and pleasing to the eye. Click here to see more details and pictures of this organizing project.

after (43)

Matt, A Collector

This client, an avid collector of remote control vehicles of all sorts, needed my help to bring some order into this room. For more details and pictures of this project, click here.

after (38)

Cynthia, A Teacher

This client had recently retired from a 40 year teaching career. She wanted to make sure that all of the teaching materials she had used over the years would be put to good use. Click here for more details on this 3 hour project.

after (37)

Girls on the Run, A Nonprofit Organization

This nonprofit group serves girls in grades 3-8, providing them with a 10 week after school curriculum that uses running activities to teach whole body health. The sessions culminate in a non-competitive 5K race in the fall and in the spring. When a new storage space became available for their supplies so that everything could be located in one place, they needed help putting the supplies in order and figuring out a way to maintain that order. The end result was quite dramatic. Click here to see more before and after pictures from this transformation.

after (36)

 Kristine, A Physician

This client contacted me for some help with decluttering. She had several areas in her home that were bothering her because they were overcrowded with belongings. It was difficult for her to even go into those areas, because every time she looked at them and thought about all of the effort it would take to change it, she felt overwhelmed and didn’t know exactly where to start. Once we identified a plan, this highly motivated client made decisions quickly. Click here to see more pictures of this dramatic transformation.

after (35)

Pam, A Craft Aficionado

This client had owned a craft store and had hosted many crafting groups in her home before she moved to a new home. She had many boxes of craft supplies that needed to be sorted so that she could decide what she wanted to keep. Then everything needed to be arranged in the new space. This was definitely one of the biggest organizing projects that I have ever completed. Click here to see how I completed this huge task.

After (34)

Sally, A Grandmother

This client needed help organizing her pantry and wash house (small building with her washer, dryer, and extra storage space). She takes care of her grandchildren regularly and had not been able to keep some frequently used areas of her home organized. She needed some help getting them back in order so that she could work on other home projects. More details and photos from this projects can be found here.

After (33)

Rob, A Branch Manager

This client needed help with an office closet that was problematic at best. It is used for storage of special event supplies and cleaning materials. This small space was utilized by many different people, but no one had taken the time to bring order to the items, so it was very difficult to find something when you needed it. Check out the organized closet by clicking here.

after (2) (2)

Pam, A CPA

This client was moving her elderly father-in-law across the country and needed someone to unpack and set up the apartment as a surprise to him. I was given the instructions to “set it up the way you would your own home”, which gave me the freedom to make choices as to how to arrange furniture, belongings, and decorations in the apartment. Click here to see how I transformed this space from rooms filled with boxes to a comfortable move in ready apartment.

After (32)

Melissa, A Financial Advisor

This client was preparing for a move, and she needed help getting the garage decluttered and cleaned up so that it would be more appealing for prospective buyers. Check out more details and before and after pictures by clicking here.

After (31)

Julia, A Pharmacist

This client needed help decluttering and organizing a small storage room in her house. She knew that most of the items were things she no longer needed, but she was feeling overwhelmed and was having a hard time getting started. Click here to see how we tackled this project.

After (30)

Michael, A Fisherman

This client needed some help organizing his storage shed. Over time, items had been placed in the shed without any kind of order, and it had become very difficult to find anything or get to the back of the shed. With the warmer weather approaching, he needed to be able to quickly access his kayaks, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and other fishing supplies and to get all of the lawn care equipment in and out easily. See pictures showing all steps of this project from beginning to end. 

after (29)

Antonette, A Wife and Mother of 4

This client and her family had recently relocated, and she needed some help getting their playroom in order. She needed an organizing system that would allow the children to get the toys they need easily, while keeping craft supplies and school materials out of their reach until she is ready to access them. Check out the end result by clicking here.

After (28).jpg

Renee, A Self-Proclaimed Collector

This client had a habit of collecting things, and over the 18 years her family had lived in the house, these collections continued to accumulate. Click here to see how we met her goal of making her home suitable for inviting guests over for the holidays.

After (27).jpg

A School Drama Department

This school drama department has a large storage area for costumes and props, but since it hadn’t been organized in several years, no one really knew how to find anything. Click here to see the finished product.

after (23).jpg

Carla, a teacher

This client, an elementary school teacher, needed a better system for organizing books for her classroom that were used for holidays, seasons, special events, author studies, etc. Although the system she had previously designed was very neat and orderly, it wasn’t easy to maintain. Click here to see the new organizing system.

after (39)

A Community Theatre

This client, a community theatre, had a storage area for props that had gotten very disorganized as items had been used for multiple shows and not been put back correctly.  See how I was able to return the room to a functional space.

After (26)

Gretchen, a pediatrician

This client needed some help with a few cluttered and disorganized areas in her home. Since she and her husband both work in very demanding jobs and their two college-age children are taking classes and working, this left little time to keep the house in order. Click here to see how we solved this problem.

After (25)

Cathy, a middle school librarian

This client is a middle school librarian who needed help organizing a storage room. While the existing shelves had enough space for most items, much of the floor was covered with supplies, and better organization was needed. In one short session, we were able to purge some items, move some to a nearby room with plenty of space, and organize the rest neatly on the shelves.

After (40)

Debbie, a small business owner

This client needed help with a closet that she used to store items intended to be given as gifts, gift wrapping supplies, and household decorations. The closet had gotten disorganized to the point that it was difficult to find what was needed, and the door to a storage area was blocked by items on the floor. Click here to see our solution.

after Pencarinha

Rose, a retiree

This client was preparing to replace a set of cabinets and drawers with a new set, but the existing cabinets were full of items from many different categories. Click here to see our approach to this problem.

after (24)

Abbie, an artisan

This client had a lot of craft supplies to store, but only a small space to store them in. See how we improved this craft closet. 

after (22)