Past Projects

Girls on the Run, A Nonprofit Organization

This nonprofit group serves girls in grades 3-8, providing them with a 10 week after school curriculum that uses running activities to teach whole body health. The sessions culminate in a non-competitive 5K race in the fall and in the spring. When a new storage space became available for their supplies so that everything could be located in one place, they needed help putting the supplies in order and figuring out a way to maintain that order. The end result was quite dramatic. Click here to see more before and after pictures from this transformation.

Kristine, A Physician

This client contacted me for some help with decluttering. She had several areas in her home that were bothering her because they were overcrowded with belongings. It was difficult for her to even go into those areas, because every time she looked at them and thought about all of the effort it would take to change it, she felt overwhelmed and didn’t know exactly where to start. Once we identified a plan, this highly motivated client made decisions quickly. Click here to see more pictures of this dramatic transformation.

Pam, A Craft Aficionado

This client had owned a craft store and had hosted many crafting groups in her home before she moved to a new home. She had many boxes of craft supplies that needed to be sorted so that she could decide what she wanted to keep. Then everything needed to be arranged in the new space. This was definitely one of the biggest organizing projects that I have ever completed. Click here to see how I completed this huge task.

Sally, A Grandmother

This client needed help organizing her pantry and wash house (small building with her washer, dryer, and extra storage space). She takes care of her grandchildren regularly and had not been able to keep some frequently used areas of her home organized. She needed some help getting them back in order so that she could work on other home projects. More details and photos from this projects can be found here.

Rob, A Branch Manager

This client needed help with an office closet that was problematic at best. It is used for storage of special event supplies and cleaning materials. This small space was utilized by many different people, but no one had taken the time to bring order to the items, so it was very difficult to find something when you needed it. Check out the organized closet by clicking here.

Pam, A CPA

This client was moving her elderly father-in-law across the country and needed someone to unpack and set up the apartment as a surprise to him. I was given the instructions to “set it up the way you would your own home”, which gave me the freedom to make choices as to how to arrange furniture, belongings, and decorations in the apartment. Click here to see how I transformed this space from rooms filled with boxes to a comfortable move in ready apartment.

Melissa, A Financial Advisor

This client was preparing for a move, and she needed help getting the garage decluttered and cleaned up so that it would be more appealing for prospective buyers. Check out more details and before and after pictures by clicking here.

Julia, A Pharmacist

This client needed help decluttering and organizing a small storage room in her house. She knew that most of the items were things she no longer needed, but she was feeling overwhelmed and was having a hard time getting started. Click here to see how we tackled this project.

Michael, A Fisherman

This client needed some help organizing his storage shed. Over time, items had been placed in the shed without any kind of order, and it had become very difficult to find anything or get to the back of the shed. With the warmer weather approaching, he needed to be able to quickly access his kayaks, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and other fishing supplies and to get all of the lawn care equipment in and out easily. See pictures showing all steps of this project from beginning to end. 

Antonette, A Wife and Mother of 4

This client and her family had recently relocated, and she needed some help getting their playroom in order. She needed an organizing system that would allow the children to get the toys they need easily, while keeping craft supplies and school materials out of their reach until she is ready to access them. Check out the end result by clicking here.

Renee, A Self-Proclaimed Collector

This client had a habit of collecting things, and over the 18 years her family had lived in the house, these collections continued to accumulate. Click here to see how we met her goal of making her home suitable for inviting guests over for the holidays.

A School Drama Department

This school drama department has a large storage area for costumes and props, but since it hadn’t been organized in several years, no one really knew how to find anything. Click here to see the finished product.

Carla, a teacher

This client, an elementary school teacher, needed a better system for organizing books for her classroom that were used for holidays, seasons, special events, author studies, etc. Although the system she had previously designed was very neat and orderly, it wasn’t easy to maintain. Click here to see the new organizing system.


A Community Theatre

This client, a community theatre, had a storage area for props that had gotten very disorganized as items had been used for multiple shows and not been put back correctly.  See how I was able to return the room to a functional space.


Gretchen, a pediatrician

This client needed some help with a few cluttered and disorganized areas in her home. Since she and her husband both work in very demanding jobs and their two college-age children are taking classes and working, this left little time to keep the house in order. Click here to see how we solved this problem.

Cathy, a middle school librarian

This client is a middle school librarian who needed help organizing a storage room. While the existing shelves had enough space for most items, much of the floor was covered with supplies, and better organization was needed. In one short session, we were able to purge some items, move some to a nearby room with plenty of space, and organize the rest neatly on the shelves.

Debbie, a small business owner

This client needed help with a closet that she used to store items intended to be given as gifts, gift wrapping supplies, and household decorations. The closet had gotten disorganized to the point that it was difficult to find what was needed, and the door to a storage area was blocked by items on the floor. Click here to see our solution.


Rose, a retiree

This client was preparing to replace a set of cabinets and drawers with a new set, but the existing cabinets were full of items from many different categories. Click here to see our approach to this problem.

Abbie, an artisan

This client had a lot of craft supplies to store, but only a small space to store them in. See how we improved this craft closet.