Residential Organizing

Your home should be a place where you can be relaxed and feel comfortable, but often hectic schedules, unplanned circumstances, or life transitions can make a calm home environment seem impossible.

We can help you organize any area of your home including the following: closet, kitchen, garage, playroom, office, bedroom, bathroom, craft room, laundry room, storage room, basement. We will work alongside you, sorting through your belongings, deciding what you want to keep, and arranging them in an efficient and attractive way. We will work together to create a system that will work best for your home and will be easy to maintain.

Helping With Transitions

If you are preparing for a move, we will work alongside you to sort through your belongings, decide what you want to keep, and help you pack efficiently.

If you are unpacking from a move, we will help you unpack and will work with you to figure out the best place to put your belongings in your new home.

If you need to clear out a home because of the death of a loved one or an unexpected life transition, we can help. We will sort through everything in the home and dispose of or keep items according to the family’s wishes. If you live in a remote location from the home, we will use digital or written communication and photographs to keep you informed of progress.

Business Organizing

Your business environment should be a setting that runs efficiently and is pleasing to the eye, but sometimes a challenging work schedule or a lack of systems to ensure order can leave areas cluttered and can negatively affect productivity.

We can help you organize any area of your business including desks, supply room, filing systems, break room, kitchen. We will work together to create a system that works best for your office and will be easy to maintain.

DIY Organizing Consult

Would you like to get organized but don’t have the money in your budget? Do you just need some ideas to get started? This could be the perfect solution for you! We will come to your home for one hour to look at any areas that need organizing. We will give you a detailed step by step plan to make the best use of your space.


As a veteran community theatre actress, Angie is very comfortable entertaining a group, and she loves to talk about organizing! Angie would love to give a presentation to your group and can even tailor it to your group’s interests.

These are the presentations that are currently available:

  • 3 Simple Steps for Organizing Anything: This class presents basic organizing principles and a simple plan to organize any area of your home. I will share practical tips that can be accomplished in small amounts of time but can make a big difference.
  • From Piles to Files: Organizing Your Paper: This class will help you get those piles of paper under control and keep them that way. Learn about a system for household paper maintenance that can not only keep paper from accumulating, but can also help with weekly scheduling.
  • Digital Decluttering: Do you have hundreds of emails with no plan for how to get them in order? Can you find documents that you need in a timely manner? Do you have thousands of digital photos that have no order to them? This class is for you!
  • Take Back Your Life: Organizing Your Time and Your Mind to Get More Done: Do you find yourself working hard but not accomplishing much? Is your mind constantly cluttered with ideas and things you should do? This class will give you useful tips to get more done and feel less overwhelmed.
  • Organize your Purse, Organize your Life: In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn basic organizing principles and will put them to use immediately to organize their purse. The class is very interactive and discussion oriented, and prices will be awarded for some fun categories.
  • The Spiritual Implications of Clutter: This Bible study class will focus on the spiritual aspects of disorganization and how clearing the clutter from our lives (including physical items, activities, relationships, etc.) can improve our spiritual health.
  • Organizing Toys: If you have children, you know how quickly the toys can get out of control. This class will address the most common organizing challenges with toys, and will give you practical tips to get the toys organized and keep them that way.