Success Stories: Sharon, a Social Worker

I had worked with this client before in another area of the home, and she had told me at that time she would like to tackle this closet at some point. Armed with a clear goal, a block of time, and helpful family members, we dove in! The closet had been primarily used for storing books, games, and ski supplies, but recently had become kind of a catch all area. In fact, there had been so many items added to the closet that it was practically unusable. The goal was to clear enough space to use the closet for storage of craft supplies so that my client could spend more time doing crafts.

The client’s adult daughter was visiting for a few days and eager to help out. Many of the closet contents belonged to the client’s husband, so we were fortunate to have his help for part of the day to sort through his items. Piece by piece, shelf by shelf, we removed everything from the closet, sorted it, and made decisions. A very large percentage of the contents were given for donation. The remaining items were stored in such a way that they could be easily found and easily accessed. By the end of 4 hours, we had finished the project and had cleared enough space that the client would be able to easily move her craft supplies into the closet. It was a very satisfying project!