Success Stories: Ally, a Home School Mom

When you’re home schooling multiple children, you need a lot of supplies. And if routines aren’t established to keep those supplies in order, it doesn’t take long for them to get into a chaotic and overwhelming state. Add to that a small space for storing all of the supplies, and you’ve got an even greater need to keep things organized. I worked with this client in several areas of the home, but the one area that had the most impact and resulted in the greatest transformation was the small office space inside the master bedroom.

Since there wasn’t much space to work in the bedroom, my client, her children, and I pulled everything out into the dining room. Seeing everything out on multiple tables and the floor made our job look quite daunting. But I love the process of sorting and organizing so much that I was beyond eager to dive right in. We established separate areas for each category and all of us got to work. Outdated or unneeded supplies were set aside for donation. Everything else was grouped in a way that worked best for the clients. We used items the client already had for organizing and added lots of labels. The end result was extremely satisfying!