Success Stories: Amy, a Homeschooling Mother

Even the most organized person can struggle during some life stages. Homeschooling and taking care of multiple young children who are involved in multiple activities is a challenge to say the least. Amy had always been able to keep her home organized before, but the many demands on her time had made this impossible. The basement had a lot of shelves for storage and open space for the children to play and practice for their sporting activities. Keeping this area maintained was possible for many years. But over the last few years, this space had become a bit of a dumping ground and needed more decluttering and organizing than she was able to accomplish on her own.

Laurie and I worked together with this client. She was the most motivated and hardest working client I have ever met. We had a daunting task before us, but she was ready to tackle it. We removed every unneeded item and donated them to local charities serving children. We sorted through every item in the entire space, grouped into containers, and labeled everything. One additional shelving unit was purchased for the project, but otherwise we were able to use only containers the family already owned. This once practically unusable space was transformed into an area perfect for storage, play, and practice. What a satisfying end result!

Basement Before

Basement After