Success Stories: Rose, a Retiree and Full-time Nana

Having worked with this wonderful client before, I was happy to return to work on a different area. The kitchen was fairly well organized overall, but a few spaces needed some work. With a very small kitchen such as this one, using space effectively becomes even more of an issue. Over the years, some of the shelving had suffered wear and tear, and there were some items not being used anymore. In some instances, dishes used frequently were too difficult to reach. A small kitchen renovation was planned soon, so it was essential to know how much space was needed for each category of items. This was perfect timing for some fresh ideas and a little reorganization.

We started with a discussion of what was and wasn’t working in the space. We evaluated each drawer and cabinet and came up with an overall plan. We started in one corner of the kitchen and worked our way around in a systematic manner. Each drawer or cabinet that was emptied was cleaned before items were replaced. The client made all of the decisions about what needed to be removed as well as the ideal placement of items although I gave plenty of suggestions. The client’s husband is an accomplished handyman, so we were thankful that he had the time to replace a damaged shelf while we were working.

We were able to declutter and organize the entire kitchen in one session. The client was thrilled with the results and at last report is “totally loving my kitchen now”.