Success Stories: Sandy, an Administrative Assistant

messy desk closeup

This is one for the record books. What began as a crazy idea over a year ago inspired by a conversation with other organizers at a convention in Dallas turned into a partnership project with an amazing company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jody Cowart, Adam Gray, and Deb Browning at Workspace Interiors to help this client transform her space.  Space planning and drawings were prepared by Amanda Starnes, Interior Architecture Applications Specialist, Workspace Interiors.

Sandy Vowell with Hillhouse Creative took a big step of faith in entering our Messiest Desk in the Chamber contest. She was courageous enough to admit that she needed help, risk vulnerability in exposing her messy desk, and to trust us all to help her make a change. I’m so grateful that she took that step and that we were able to work together. I truly believe that her daily work life will be forever changed as a result. Although it’s unreasonable to assume some disorder won’t creep back in despite best intentions, I am confident that Sandy has the tools she needs to recover quickly.

Messy Desk (1)

To view the entire Kingsport Times News and Johnson City Press article about this project, click here. For a look at this project page on the Workspace Interiors, Inc. website, click here.

Here are more pictures of this transformation:






This is the graphic we used to advertise the contest. Thanks to Deb Browning for her work on this graphic and some of the after pictures featured on this page!