Success Stories: Sarah, an Artist

When this client called me back to finish another area of her home, I was super excited! We had started work on this garage months ago, but we needed more shelving to continue. Now that the shelving had been installed, it was time to get to work again!

Since this was a big project, Laurie and I worked together on it. By grouping items into categories and better utilizing space, we were able to fit everything that had been on the floor onto the shelves or the outer areas of the room, freeing up much needed floor space. Some items that had been stored in other parts of the home but really belonged in this garage were brought in and added as well. We made sure that any dangerous items were stored up high out of the reach of the younger children. Items the children would use were stored on the lower shelves. We not only labeled containers, but the shelves themselves. That way, when a container was removed, everyone would know where to put it back after use. We were all very pleased with the finished product.