Success Story: Kristine, a Physician

This client contacted me for some help with decluttering. She had several areas in her home that were bothering her because they were overcrowded with belongings. It was difficult for her to even go into those areas, because every time she looked at them and thought about all of the effort it would take to change it, she felt overwhelmed and didn’t know exactly where to start. After sitting down and talking about her goals, we planned the first organizing session.

Kristine was motivated and ready to make changes, so the work went very quickly. Other family members were consulted either in person or by text and photo about items that she was unsure whether to keep. We worked hard over a two day period sorting through everything in these areas, deciding what to keep and what to purge, and then figuring out the most efficient and logical arrangement of what remained. By the end of those two days, the transformation was remarkable! We were both thrilled to see what a big difference we had made in such a short time.

Large Closet Before

Large Closet After

Hallway Before

Hallway After

Long Closet Before and After

Den Before and After