Success Story: Pam, a Craft Aficionado

This client had owned a craft store and had hosted many crafting groups in her home before she moved to a new home. Since her move, she had not been able to participate in these activities. Her new home had a smaller room that would be used for crafting. She had many boxes of craft supplies, and she knew that she wanted to go through them and donate some of them, but she was unable to determine what to donate until she could see how many supplies she had in each category. Since she has a busy work schedule, she knew that it would likely be several months before she could find the time to work on this, and she was ready to pursue her favorite hobby again. She hired me to unpack everything and group the supplies into categories so that she could see what she wanted to keep. After she determined what would remain, she gave me a few guidelines for the setup of the craft room but also gave me the freedom to choose the best arrangement in the new room.

This was definitely one of the biggest organizing projects that I have ever completed. I loved every minute of it! Although the volume of supplies seemed overwhelming at first, once everything was taken out of boxes and spread out onto tables in categories, it was easier to see what needed to be done. I learned a lot about crafts in the process because I needed to know what items needed to be grouped together. The most challenging and enjoyable part of the process was deciding on the best layout of the room and the best arrangement of the supplies. The client had plenty of organizational products (shelves, files, carts, etc.), so we didn’t have to purchase anything new. After completion of the project, she was thrilled to be able to get back into her favorite hobby.

Craft Supplies Before

Craft Supplies After