Success Story: Sally, a Grandmother

This client needed help organizing her pantry and wash house (small building with her washer, dryer, and extra storage space). She takes care of her grandchildren regularly and had not been able to keep some frequently used areas of her home organized. She needed some help getting them back in order so that she could work on other home projects.

I used the same approach in each of these two rooms. First, I took everything out of the space, grouping items into like categories as I went. Then I asked her to identify any item that she did not love and use. Most of these items were donated to a local charity that she supports. Then I decided on the best arrangement for everything that remained. I made sure that frequently used items were easy to access and that everything was labeled. I checked with the client throughout the process to confirm that this arrangement would be efficient and easy to maintain. We were both very pleased with the results.

Pantry Before

Pantry After

Wash House Before

Wash House After