Success Story: Sharon, a Self-Proclaimed Packrat

This client purchased a 3 hour organizing session at a Silent Auction fundraiser.  When we spoke before the session, she called herself a packrat and readily admitted that both she and her husband are procrastinators. She said that she is usually successful at getting specific areas in order, but maintaining the order is difficult for her. She was eager to get her pantry back into order because it is stressful for her when she can’t find things.

We started by pulling everything out of the pantry, sorting into categories as we went. Expired foods were discarded, as well as anything that she didn’t think they would use. Some items from the pantry actually belonged elsewhere in the house, and a few items were donated. We discussed the optimum arrangement of the items that remained, keeping in mind that what was used most often should be easiest to access. Another storage area in the kitchen had some of the same items, so we went through those as well and combined categories. The end result was such a big improvement!

Cooper pantry