Angie Hyche’s Shipshape Solutions took our wrecked prop room at our Theatre and transformed it and now it’s smooth sailing! Seriously, Angie worked tirelessly and strategically to get our local children’s theatre to a place where we could navigate through the prop area, giving each item a logical home. Before she began her work, it was impossible to find the prop you needed so often that  we spent valuable funds to go and purchase or create a new prop, suspecting we might have one in the mess. In addition, it was just not a safe place to wade through, as the floor was covered with props after many items were borrowed or used for a show. Now our props are safe and so are we, not worrying about stepping on and breaking something–whether a prop or a leg. Angie talked with us, understood our needs, and then went about with a plan, consulting us as needed. She completed the work quickly and thoroughly. I thought we may need to help but she had it completely in hand. We were impressed and are thrilled with her work. We are now able to sustain what she has done for us and she has helped us move forward–we cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Angie!

– Samantha G.

― Samantha G.