Angie and Laurie gave me the courage to take on my dysfunctional office space. Admitting that I was afraid is a bit of an understatement. I had hoped that they would come in and magically fix things; but alas, I had to do the hard work of making decisions, evaluating how I worked, and pressing through the pain. Words of wisdom and encouragement from Angie, and Laurie’s enthusiastic cheerleading and love for order kept me going.

Streamlining tasks is just not fun when you have so much to accomplish; but streamlining has helped free my mind and enjoy less stress in my workday.
That is always a good thing!

Gentle words and questions about why I “needed” or “wanted” things a particular way, validation that I was doing nothing “wrong” but simple suggestions for trying a new thing… You have to trust someone when you let them into your mind and personal space. These ladies were transparent about themselves, professional and certainly trustworthy.Shipshape Solutions was the perfect combination of teaching and coaching to get my office space and my work life streamlined and manageable.
― Sandy V.